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It’s in the cards: IoT, Emerging Tech, Luminaries, and more

by Emily Twaddell

We are getting accustomed to having the world in the palm of our hands, what with the pocket-sized computer that is also a phone, a camera, and a set of encylopedias that we carry around.

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Topics: Design, emerging technologies, health axioms, IoT, science

Another Look at Design for the Patient Experience

by Emily Twaddell

This definition of patient experience comes from The Beryl Institute, a global community of practice and thought leader on improving the patient experience in healthcare.

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Topics: Design, health, patient centered, ux design

Around the Studio: the Doughnuts of Winter

by Emily Twaddell

We try to keep it healthy at Invo. Really, we do. We never keep sugary drinks around and we have fresh fruit on the table. We cook with whole grains and even go vegan once in a while. 

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Topics: studio culture

Vaccination Stories and Google Health Tips

by Emily Twaddell

We are doing our best to not think about the upcoming blizzard. Heavy snow is pretty much old news around here, anyway.

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Topics: health, google, vaccination

Self-care, Prevention, and Hacking Affordable Care

by Emily Twaddell

Self-care, care planning, and prevention are essential to staying healthy

so we always looking for the latest resources. Here are two that piqued our interest this week.

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Topics: digital health, Healthcare, health, Affordable Care Act

How a Health Axiom Card is Made

by Emily Twaddell

We’re big fans of Susannah Fox.

Lucky for us, Susannah Fox has been a big fan of the Health Axioms. Not only has she provided insightful feedback, she recently suggested a concept that has now launched as a new Health Axioms card. Here’s how it happened.

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Topics: Design, health axioms

Snow days bear fruit

by Emily Twaddell

Despite the blizzard, we delivered more than the US Postal Service this week!

We launched a new site feature, From Bathroom to Healthroom: How magical technology will revolutionize human health.

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Topics: health, design innovation, health axioms

Around the Studio: Arlington Visual Budget, Revisited

by Emily Twaddell

“Hey, we saw you in the keynote!”

Last year we cheered when Arlington Visual Budget (AVB) won an Innovation Award from the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA). This past weekend the Visual Government (VisGov) team was back again for the MMA annual meeting to continue the conversation on open government. Arlington Town Finance Committee member Alan Jones reported that on Friday, the day started with people telling them that the keynote speaker, futurist Mike Walsh, had given AVB a shout-out along the lines of “the best thing he’s ever seen.” On Saturday, Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine demonstrated the software at the Mass Selectmen’s Association annual meeting where it was once again well received.

Situated at the event’s trade show, the VisGov team found themselves amongst a wide variety of local and national vendors, ranging from fire suppression systems to the Hampshire council of governments, along with the Massachusetts State Lottery, emergency services products, law firms, even vendors of street lights, parking meters, garbage cans, and social media apps to engage citizens.

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Topics: open source, Open Government, infovis, arlington

Keeping tabs on the ACA + Biomedical Informatics

by Emily Twaddell

If you tuned in to POTUS giving his State of the Union address

you know that President Obama will continue to hold his ground on the Affordable Care Act. Even those who have been playing close attention to these issues can find it all very confusing, so this week we are offering a few resources to help keep you current.

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Topics: culture of learning, health, biomedical informatics, Affordable Care Act