Snow days bear fruit

by Emily Twaddell

Despite the blizzard, we delivered more than the US Postal Service this week!

We launched a new site feature, From Bathroom to Healthroom: How magical technology will revolutionize human health.


Beautifully illustrated with interactive graphics, Juhan Sonin's well-researched exploration of the intersection of emerging technologies and individualized health presents fascinating possibilities.

“Suppose your data are simply and automatically collected—all of your numbers surrounding your existence from the financial ... to travel ... to habits to eating to exercise to examining your daily biome. It’s captured. It just happens, in the background. And your captured data are visible: you can see the data points, see the trends, and even see the data of your close friends and family so you can help them make decisions and make change."

Also from this week:

On Monday we had more to tell about the Arlington Visual Budget, which met with enthusiasm at the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s Annual Meeting in Boston last weekend.

Design for the Patient Experience: Health Axioms describes our design philosophy for the patient experience by examining several of the Health Axioms in context as part of a patient experience ecosystem.

Episode 87 of The Digital Life, Microsoft HoloLens and the UX of Augmented Reality examines the renewed promise of augmented reality and discusses the promise and potential perils of the Microsoft HoloLens.

Topics: health, design innovation, health axioms