It’s in the cards: IoT, Emerging Tech, Luminaries, and more

by Emily Twaddell

We are getting accustomed to having the world in the palm of our hands, what with the pocket-sized computer that is also a phone, a camera, and a set of encylopedias that we carry around.

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How a Health Axiom Card is Made

by Emily Twaddell

We’re big fans of Susannah Fox.

Lucky for us, Susannah Fox has been a big fan of the Health Axioms. Not only has she provided insightful feedback, she recently suggested a concept that has now launched as a new Health Axioms card. Here’s how it happened.

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Snow days bear fruit

by Emily Twaddell

Despite the blizzard, we delivered more than the US Postal Service this week!

We launched a new site feature, From Bathroom to Healthroom: How magical technology will revolutionize human health.

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Creating the Health Axioms

by Jon Follett

The team at Involution Studios — made up of Sarah Kaiser, Jane Kokernak, Kelly Mansfield, Harry Sleeper, and Juhan Sonin — created the Health Axioms card deck over an eight-month period. Starting with a dozen core, personal health habits, they turned these initial ideas into short catch phrases. Sarah and Kelly drew hundreds of sketches, which often drove the name and card story.

The creative process started with sketches of different concepts for each Health Axiom.

Next, Jane honed the narrative, based on research, and edited each axiom story arc. Throughout this iterative process of conceptualization and refinement, the team continued to brainstorm more ways — big and small — to influence health and life, incorporating those insights into the deck.

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