Creating the Health Axioms

by Jon Follett

The team at Involution Studios — made up of Sarah Kaiser, Jane Kokernak, Kelly Mansfield, Harry Sleeper, and Juhan Sonin — created the Health Axioms card deck over an eight-month period. Starting with a dozen core, personal health habits, they turned these initial ideas into short catch phrases. Sarah and Kelly drew hundreds of sketches, which often drove the name and card story.

Health Axioms Sketches

The creative process started with sketches of different concepts for each Health Axiom.

Next, Jane honed the narrative, based on research, and edited each axiom story arc. Throughout this iterative process of conceptualization and refinement, the team continued to brainstorm more ways — big and small — to influence health and life, incorporating those insights into the deck.

Health Axioms Sketches

From the initial concepts, the team selected ideas to further refine.

Health Axioms Vector

The selected illustration for each Health Axiom was next converted to vector art.

Health Axioms Post Processing

As the last step in the process, color and texture were added.

You can view a higher resolution PDF showing further detail in the process.

Thirty-two cards made it into the final deck. On the front of each card is a beautiful illustration reminding you of a specific axiom that can move you in the direction of better health. On the back of each card, we give you essential insights, tips, and help in manifesting that axiom in your life.

We want to print and distribute 3,000 copies of our Health Axioms. And you can make a small pledge for a big impact on our Indiegogo campaign. It's just $15 for one set of cards. Give them to your work team, your social group, your family, your friends, your doctor, and your nurse. More than the gorgeous art and valuable life insights, you are helping us to amplify the clarion call to show the world a better vision for health. Doing good and getting something lovely for a modest price: What’s not to like?

What People Are Saying
"People are thirsty for health advice. They read, search online, and wonder: Am I doing OK? Am I doing the right things for my health? What if, when someone asks the universe (read: the internet), for health advice, they got back a quick tip, backed by evidence?"
- Susannah Fox, Digital Health Strategist

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