6 for '16

by Sharon Lee

Six lessons that guided 2016

1. In the 99% of healthcare that happens outside the doctor’s office, care planning is vital to reaching health goals
A team effort, led by Beth Herlin, developed content for a three part series unearthing the history of Care Plans, delving into the current state of care planning, and what all this means for their future development. This past Fall, Beth traveled to the Stanford Medicine X to give a keynote on Care Plans, and the concepts that the team developed continue to saturate our in-house and client based design.
Care Plans: A 3-part series of the landscape, design and future of personalized healthcare

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Invo Calendar of Events: Design, Emerging Tech, UX, and Health

by Emily Twaddell

Invo Spring Events

The snow mounds are melting in the Boston area. We can finally get out without a shovel, and we have some big plans for spring. Join us as we explore design, emerging technology and the future of health.

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Topics: emerging technologies, Healthcare, ux design

Self-care, Prevention, and Hacking Affordable Care

by Emily Twaddell

Self-care, care planning, and prevention are essential to staying healthy

so we always looking for the latest resources. Here are two that piqued our interest this week.

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Around the Studio: Creating the Ebola Infographic

by Emily Twaddell

As the news has spread in all directions we have discovered that the 2014 Ebola outbreak represents not only a healthcare crisis with global impact, but also an information crisis. Even highly respected news outlets can have conflicting information on a single event, so that the stories are confusing and hard to trust. Hours spent poring over the NIH and CDC and WHO sites revealed the common threads of truth, but the details were scattered. There was no straightforward way to get a complete picture.

So, we decided to create a single source of graphical information that could become an international resource. Something that could compliment the Wikipedia page. Clean lines, a classic readable font, with unambiguous colors and icons. Headers in black and white, red for critical information, gray text to let pictures do the talking. Easy to scan and locate the topics before reading closely for details.

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On The Digital Life: Health Axioms and Designing for Behavior Change

by Emily Twaddell

Recently on The Digital Life podcast, Involution's Jon Follett sat down with Creative Director Juhan Sonin to discuss the Health Axioms card deck and designing for behavior change.

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Apple’s Healthbook is visionary—and parochial

by Emily Twaddell

Dirk Knemeyer has a few questions about Apple's ideas for a mobile medical solution.

This coming June, Apple is expected to announce their “Healthbook” app. In a bold expansion on the concepts of Involution’s hGraph app, Apple is attempting not only to federate all of a user’s important, top-level health and wellness data but also to synchronize with hardware devices that do everything from analyze blood to count steps to monitor heart rate.

Mockup of Healthbook screen published to Behance this past February.

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