Invo Calendar of Events: Design, Emerging Tech, UX, and Health

by Emily Twaddell

Invo Spring Events

The snow mounds are melting in the Boston area. We can finally get out without a shovel, and we have some big plans for spring. Join us as we explore design, emerging technology and the future of health.

UX Hong Kong: Leadership Brunch
Hong Kong 
March 22, 2015
Involution Studios founder Dirk Knemeyer is traveling to China, Japan, and other parts of Asia, meeting with and presenting to leaders in emerging technologies. 

Boston, MA
April 1-2, 2015
Invo will once again join more than 500 cross-disciplinary thinkers and practitioners for an inspired mix of thought-provoking talks, workshops and discussions at HxRefactored 2015 in Boston. Visit our booth to meet Jeff Belden, MD, Founding Chair of the HIMSS EHR Usability Task Force and lead author of Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians.

Service Design Salon
Tokyo, Japan
April 3, 2015
UX and Emerging Technologies
Dirk Knemeyer will present UX and Emerging Technologies. User experience (UX) as a discipline started in computer hardware and software, was co-opted and accelerated by Web site design, and is returning to roost in the exploding digital products of today and tomorrow. To remain relevant, we will need to learn, adapt, and grow in ways we never would have imagined when learning about research, interaction design, and javascript.

University of Shizuoka Game Lab 

Shizuoka, Japan 
April 4, 2015
Open Q&A with Dirk Knemeyer

O'Reilly Media Webcast
April 16, 2015
From Bathroom to Healthroom: How Magical Technology will Revolutionize Human Health
Juhan Sonin discusses the future of health. It's time to design products to capture life and physiologic signs invisibly … usually through non-invasive sensors that don't require a single drop of blood, but just whiffs and sniffs. And when it is visible, it must be designed to feel wonderful. From Bathroom to Healthroom introduces participants to the macro factors shaping these realities, along with an in-depth exploration of the various impacts of and opportunities for design.

HFES 2015
Baltimore, MD
April 26-29, 2015
From Bathroom to Healthroom: How Magical Technology will Revolutionize Human Health
Juhan Sonin presents From Bathroom to Healthroom: How Magical Technology will Revolutionize Human Health at the HFES 2015 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care.


O'Reilly Media Webcast 
April 30, 2015
UX Design for Emerging Technologies
Jon Follett takes a look at the role of the UX designer, as new technologies begin to blur the boundaries between design and engineering for software, hardware, and biotech. He will also discuss core competencies and case studies in practices areas like the Internet of Things, genomics, and robotics.



Hopkinton, MA
April 30, 2015 

IT, IoT, Mobile & Software SIG and Medical Devices & Life Sciences SIG
Juhan Sonin discusses the future of health. We are headed to “stage zero” detection and treatment which has the potential to double or better the lifespan of every first-world citizen. The power of the data and tools is impressive. The implications are daunting to the same degree. Designers and engineers will need to deliver products that are functional and invisible, but also make designs that are inviting not intimidating, reassuring and not anxiety-producing. We want to improve humanity, not put it under house arrest.

UXPA Boston
Boston, MA
May 15, 2015
Involution sponsors this annual gathering of the UX community, with 30 speakers and over 1,000 attendees, one of the largest of its kind in the US.

Topics: emerging technologies, Healthcare, ux design