Self-care, Prevention, and Hacking Affordable Care

by Emily Twaddell

Self-care, care planning, and prevention are essential to staying healthy

so we always looking for the latest resources. Here are two that piqued our interest this week.

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Good Health: Patient Education

by Emily Twaddell

What to expect when...

You need a joint replacement. Or your dad had a stroke. Or your six-year-old was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 

Can you expect your care team to provide information that will help you to understand your condition? How will you know if something is wrong and you should seek help? How do you know what to ask your loved one's caregiver? What do other people do in your situation?

It’s well known that patients stay healthier when they are informed. Health literacy is key; if you are not able to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services, you will be ill-equipped to make decisions regarding your own or the health of your loved ones.

Patient education plays an important role in a number of Involution designs. Here are a few resources we’ve found.

AMA Atlas of the Human Body

Illustration: Leslie Laurien, MSMI

The American Medical Association (AMA) has been a leader in addressing health literacy and patient safety and offer a number of health literacy educational tools.

Park Nicollet Hip and Knee Replacement Care Guide

One feature of this guide that we really like is that the first page, even before the Table of Contents, addresses the questions “When do I call my doctor?” and “When do I call 911?”

drawMD from Visible Health

drawMD enables clinicians to simplify and explain medical concepts visually, customizing in real time in coversation with a patient. 

This week’s highlights

On Wednesday we concluded the six-week series on UX Maturity with The AI of UX. If you missed any of these or want to read them through again, see parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Around the Studio: Continuing Efforts in Open Government provides a look at how the City of Asheville, NC has launched an online visual financial tool based on the work of Arlington Visual Budget.

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Involution's Health Axioms Now on Indiegogo

by Jon Follett

Involution Studios is driven by a mission to create better lives and a better world. We're part of a global movement to shift the health care system to one made up highly-specialized clinicians that work closely with self-monitoring, self-empowered patients and their families — aided by the continuous data driven by non-invasive personal diagnostics. Getting there will require equal parts smart technology, healthcare reform, and everyday common sense.

It all starts with awareness. That’s where Involution's new Health Axioms come in. We believe living the Health Axioms is better for our pocketbooks, smarter for our lives, and allows us to directly impact our health. Health Axioms put you in touch with habits to improve your health, life, and well-being. Our sometimes surprising, always practical axioms nudge you toward the healthiest life possible. This deck of cards will transform the way you think about yourself and what it means to be healthy.

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