Are You Health Literate?

by Emily Twaddell

This is the first in a two-part series on health literacy.

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Sci-fi Health Lore, Vaccination Effects, and Protecting PHI

by Emily Twaddell

We are finally able to think about something besides snow here in Arlington. Here are a few things we’ve been learning about.

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iPhone 6, Tracking Body Metrics, and a Fit Brain: Friday Links and Round-Up

by Emily Twaddell

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 6, or would you rather not think about screen sizes just now?

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Healthcare Design, CSS, and Fluff: Friday Links and Round-Up

by Emily Twaddell

We've been in a healthcare design state of mind all week, but we still want to have fun. It's Friday.

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Creating the Health Axioms

by Jon Follett

The team at Involution Studios — made up of Sarah Kaiser, Jane Kokernak, Kelly Mansfield, Harry Sleeper, and Juhan Sonin — created the Health Axioms card deck over an eight-month period. Starting with a dozen core, personal health habits, they turned these initial ideas into short catch phrases. Sarah and Kelly drew hundreds of sketches, which often drove the name and card story.

The creative process started with sketches of different concepts for each Health Axiom.

Next, Jane honed the narrative, based on research, and edited each axiom story arc. Throughout this iterative process of conceptualization and refinement, the team continued to brainstorm more ways — big and small — to influence health and life, incorporating those insights into the deck.

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hGraph featured in "Digital Diagnosis: A New Generation of Healthcare Technology"

by Danielle Monroe

Involution Studios' hGraph — the only open source visualization for your complete health metrics — is being featured this month in "Digital Diagnosis: A New Generation of Healthcare Technology" in EContent Magazine.

The column, written by Eileen Mullan, explores how apps and visualization services like hGraph can help cut through the hassle of going to the doctor. Mullan writes, "hGraph is [...] designed to increase awareness of the individual factors that can affect overall health. Basically, it gives you (and your doctor) a holistic view of your health. You can have your entire medical history in one place, just like that. Imagine what something like hGraph will do for the future of healthcare industry (and for the time you waste in the waiting room)?"

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