iPhone 6, Tracking Body Metrics, and a Fit Brain: Friday Links and Round-Up

by Emily Twaddell

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 6, or would you rather not think about screen sizes just now?


Engineering intern Clement Prod’homme found this interesting PaintCode infographic that explains the resolution of the two new iPhones. For example, the 6 Plus uses a 3x scale but then “downsamples” the image to fit the screen.


We love technology that enables you to know your numbers, especially when it comes to diabetes management. Juhan came across this open source and cloud-based CGM project on hackaday. Scroll down and read about how people are adapting the code to improve its features. It's inspiring.


Another cool data-catcher in the works is the DynoSense, a "personal thermometer on steroids"; a scanner that can track 33 body metrics in 60 seconds, such as temperature and heart rate.


While you're keeping your body fit, you can also do a little on-the-move brain training with the Peak mobile app. (I wonder if their logo designer deliberately replaced the "E" in Peak with the nonsensical hamburger menu icon. Is it a test?)


A much more straightforward set of visuals appears in this informative (and mostly reassuring) infographic from the Cleveland Clinic. I think I'll go get another glass of water now.

This week's highlights:

In Episode 68 of The Digital Life, Jon and Dirk talk about the right way to hire a digital studio, from skipping the RFP to starting with a test project to making sure company culture matches up between designer and client, based on Dirk's series of blog posts. We're more than three decades into the digital age, and yet companies still have difficulty finding the right fit when it comes to design providers. Why should that be the case? Join us as we share our experience in the trenches of software design, and reflect on the right way to establish the best client / consultant relationship possible. If you haven't yet, read the most recent article in the series, "Culture is Key."

On Monday in Around the Studio, Interns Amy Loomis and Sara Berndt joined forces to tell the story of an ambitious electrified installation project they designed and built during their summer internships.


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