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by Emily Twaddell logo

March 1, 2014

From protein to pixel to policy, design-for-health possibilities and responsibilities are immense.

Involution’s Creative Director Juhan Sonin talks about design-for-health possibilities in an upcoming interview with host Rob Woodbridge.

What we call “health” is made up of episodic issues and interventions … we are most conscious of our health during the moments when we’re face-to-face with a clinician.

In “Design for Life,” Juhan posits that continuous but noninvasive collection of individual health data may hold the key to those “teachable moments” in data that signal potential outcomes and prompt micro behavior shifts that, in turn, offer feedback and affirm new behaviors. If health is beautifully integrated into our daily life, so that we're getting continuous assessments, we’ll be able to adjust in near-real time.

This design space needs to chew on the massive volume of data and massive volume of human factors and their interrelationships — from what we're eating, how we're moving, how we work, and what makes up our genome, and expand that to an entire system picture of a human living on Planet Earth. All of that interconnecting and interlocked information tissue needs to be condensed into a single decision space that's not a data dump but a highly personalized, insightful crystal ball.

About Juhan Sonin
Juhan is the Creative Director of Involution Studios, and has been the creative leader of four different organizations, producing work recognized by the BBC, the New York Times, Ars Electronica, National Public Radio, and Billboard Magazine. Prior to joining Involution, Juhan spent time at Apple, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), a few startups, and MITRE. He is also a lecturer on design and rapid prototyping at MIT.

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