Around the Studio: the Doughnuts of Winter

by Emily Twaddell

We try to keep it healthy at Invo. Really, we do. We never keep sugary drinks around and we have fresh fruit on the table. We cook with whole grains and even go vegan once in a while. 

On Fridays, though, especially these last difficult weeks, we cut loose a little. Well, more than a little. We consume deliciously bad-for-us full-fat-real-sugar Union Square Doughnuts—selected, delivered, and illustrated by our own Sarah Kaiser. We can’t share the doughnuts with you, but we can show you the box tops which, thanks to the peculiarities of Boston’s public transportation, are an inspiration in themselves.

9.Jan: The Genie snot-genie

16.Jan: You Look Cozy cozy

23.Jan: Ook ook! ookook

30.Jan: Doughnut Fight snowball-fight

6.Feb: Next bus, 5 minutes! sled

13.Feb: Bus LOL T_lol

Funny how we don't have any pictures of the doughnuts....

Topics: studio culture