Vaccination Stories and Google Health Tips

by Emily Twaddell

We are doing our best to not think about the upcoming blizzard. Heavy snow is pretty much old news around here, anyway.

If you, too, are holed up waiting for spring, here are a couple of fascinating reads to keep you occupied.

London Review of Books, Anti-Condescensionism: The fear of needles


Susan Pedersen reviews Bodily Matters: The Anti-Vaccination Movement in England, 1853-1907 by Nadja Durbach. Wait till you find out how babies were vaccinated in the 1800s.

Medium: I’m Autistic, And Believe Me, It’s A Lot Better Than Measles


This writer: Vaccines don’t cause autism. But even if they did, is being like me really a fate worse than death?

BBC News: Google Introduces Illness Tips


Google announced an extension to its Knowledge Graph information tools. Will it be just another way for people to scare themselves before they see their doctors? After all, “One in 20 Google searches are for health-related information.” (Prem Ramaswami, Google Product Manager)

And from this week:

The Digital Life: Smart Cities and the IoT Dirk and Jon explore the long-term implications of designing Smart Cities, and the potential pitfalls of such wide-ranging projects, as the digital infrastructure of our urban environment grows.

Around the Studio: Getting Involved in Digital Arts Education When the Arlington Education Foundation(AEF) approached Involution Studios with an opportunity to help support digital arts in the high school, we were happy to step up.


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