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Does desk + mess = great design?

by Emily Twaddell

Just Google “messy desk.”

Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Times, and any number of blogs will assure you that out of desktop chaos can come the very best of innovation. University studies have even been devoted to the topic of the cluttered workspace and its benefits to creative thought.

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Look for Involution Studios at UXPA Boston!

by Emily Twaddell

Heading to UXPA Boston tomorrow?

Look for the Involution Studios booth. Meet our designers or catch up with old friends. Ask Jon Follett to sign your copy of Designing for Emerging Technologies.

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Topics: emerging technologies, UXPA

Six Times the Goodness: The Digital Life

by Emily Twaddell

April zipped by with lots of exciting activity at Invo Studios, especially on The Digital Life. Here’s a quick review so you don’t miss a single episode.

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Topics: the digital life, Business of Design

Tea + UX: Talking About UX and Emerging Tech in Japan

by Emily Twaddell

If you have been following The Digital Life, you might recall that Invo founder Dirk Knemeyer was traveling in Asia last month. He shared his impressions of the unique cultural intersections of the first and third worlds in China in The View From China. Following that, in A Tour of Asia, he reflected on his experiences there including significant cultural differences, observations about the use of technology, and significant factors from an economic perspective.

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Topics: emerging technologies, ux design, UX

Around the Studio: Evolving Work in a Culture of Learning

by Emily Twaddell

We work in a very old building in a very old town (by American standards). So, we have an old infrastructure in some regards. Today we had a power outage for around two hours, which is not all that unusual. They are more common in the summer, when thunderstorms roll through, or in deep winter, when ice coats tree branches until they bring wires down.  

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Topics: culture of learning, studio culture

Around the Studio: Tweets A La Carte

by Emily Twaddell

Some weeks you can get a pretty good picture of our day-to-day studio life just by following our Twitter streams. Check in with a few Invo-ites and you’ll see what I mean. These are things we think about, talk about, and, when we can, do something about.

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