HxR Prep and Farewell to IE

by Emily Twaddell

We are pretty darn excited about these posters. And, if you will be in Boston next week, you should be, too. Visit the Invo booth at HxR 2015 and you can get both—free! posterstryptich

While we prep for Health Experienced Refactored, we are also getting excited about our two book-signing events there. Check out Thursday’s Join Us at HxR 2015 for details.

In other news, we had two episodes of The Digital Life air this week—

  • In Episode 96, Farewell Internet Explorer Jon and Invo engineer Ben Listwon discuss the end of the IE era and get a first report from Dirk Knemeyer from his trip to Asia to research technology and culture.
  • In Episode 95, Live from SXSW 2015, Jon talks with Boston mobile entrepreneur, Giuseppe Taibi, who made the annual pilgrimage to Austin about some of the latest and greatest wearables and health centered products that debuted at SXSW this year.

For our Foodie audience, Monday brought a new point of view in Around the Studio: How we take our vitamins, redux. If you haven’t read it, bring your appetite!

If you have come to look forward to our Friday doughnut artistry, here is my new favorite.


Topics: studio culture, health experience refactored 2015, Internet Explorer, SXSW, HxR