The Digital Life: Live from SXSW 2015

by Jon Follett

Episode Summary

Every year, the SXSW festival attracts the top tech companies looking to debut new products and services. In this episode of The Digital Life, we discuss some of the latest and greatest wearables and health centered products that debuted at the conference, with Boston mobile entrepreneur, Giuseppe Taibi, who made the annual pilgrimage to Austin.


Here are a few quotes from this week's discussion.

Jon on the Pager app for doctor house calls:
I think technology gives us that leverage to make that house call possible again. Wow, that’s something I would definitely feel very good about. You mentioned that the CTO is a former CTO of Uber. You can imagine your house call app, where you’re arranging medical appointments the same way, maybe similar way that you arrange for a ride. That would be crazy. That would make going to the doctor a little bit easier or a lot easier, if it’s a little bit more on your own schedule.

Giuseppe on the Tinitell wearable for kids:
They call it the wrist phone and GPS tracker for kids. It’s something in the age range between let’s say maybe 5 and 10 years old. It’s a water resistant. This company is from Sweden, I should say.

They developed this water resistant phone, which actually has a speaker and the parents have an app and the app allows the parents to do a couple of things, which is extremely important. One is from the GPS to know where your kids are. B, they can decide who your kids can talk to. I think they have maximum like 10 contacts, maybe 12, but is a rugged kind of device, so the kids can just really play freely and not to be worried about damaging a potentially expensive smartphone for example.

Plus the smart phone is really getting in the way. This is kind of colorful and fun. It just seems like a really great idea, which is not going to be threatened by the Apple Watch.

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