Six Times the Goodness: The Digital Life

by Emily Twaddell

April zipped by with lots of exciting activity at Invo Studios, especially on The Digital Life. Here’s a quick review so you don’t miss a single episode.

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The Digital Life Turns 50: Involution’s Design Podcast Re-launches [Updated]

by Jon Follett

We're celebrating the 50th episode of Involution's podcast The Digital Life with a re-designed and re-imagined Web site — featuring complete transcripts of all the new episodes and back catalog and previous contributor search. The new Digital Life is live — ready to inform, entertain, and engage the digital design community worldwide.

The Digital Life online radio program — which made its debut in 2010 — explores important and pertinent topics in the world of digital design and technology. Co-hosted by Jon Follett, Principal of Involution Studios, and Erik Dahl, Involution’s Director of Design Strategy, the Digital Life explores a wide range of thought-provoking topics, from design for developing markets to the boundaries of digital privacy to the future of design education. The Digital Life began as the brainchild of Involution co-founder, Dirk Knemeyer, who, in 2010, saw a need for an online radio show covering the digital design world. In the current instantiation of the show, Dirk continues to bring his sharp and insightful commentary to the podcast, with The Human Factor segment, that focuses on the human element in digital design.

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