Involution Client CodeRyte Purchased by 3M

by Jon Follett

CodeRyte, a healthcare industry leader in clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer-assisted coding, was acquired by 3M for an undisclosed amount last week. CodeRyte helps physicians and coders deliver fast, accurate, and complete coding information immediately through its advanced NLP technology. Its products include CodeAssist, CodeComplete, DataScout, and Health System Coding.

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Involution Studios designs user experience for CodeRyte's Natural Language Processing health system coding software

by Jon Follett

For Immediate Release
BETHESDA, Maryland (U.S.) - March 30, 2012 - CodeRyte, the leading and fastest growing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer-assisted coding supplier in healthcare, is partnering with Involution Studios for the user experience design of its ground breaking health system coding software. CodeRyte’s sophisticated NLP technology streamlines the coding process and identifies clinically relevant information about medical records. The highly innovative, end-to-end health system solution offers a full picture of patient care over the lifecycle of treatment. CodeRyte recently extended its long-term collaboration with Involution, so that the software design consultancy can remain on board through the product launch and beyond.

"Working with Involution as our design partner, we are completely re-imagining the Health System Coding product, and taking a fresh look at how it can be extended to get the most out of its substantial vision. Involution's experience in cutting edge technology and healthcare software design makes them the perfect choice for CodeRyte. Their team has been absolutely integral to our efforts to create a highly usable, useful, and robust experience," said George Moon, CodeRyte Vice President.

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