InsideTracker Software, Designed by Involution, Provides Olympic Athletes with Bloodwork Analytics

by Jon Follett

Involution client Segterra is doing its part to prepare US athletes for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London. Segterra's innovative software product, Inside Tracker, is being used by champion track cyclist Sarah Hammer and triathletes Jarrod Shoemaker and Sarah Haskins to learn about nutritional deficiencies and excesses via bloodwork analytics and optimize and boost performance based on diet recommendations. When training for the Olympics, every advantage, no matter how small, can make a difference; and InsideTracker provides data and analysis that many athletes have, up to this point, had access to only on the occasions when they interacted with their physicians.

Champion cyclist Sarah Hammer

Champion cyclist Sarah Hammer is using InsideTracker to help her train for the Olympics.

When Segterra embarked on the design of InsideTracker, they needed their scientific, evidenced-based recommendations to be visualized in a compelling way. Involution, selected by Segterra for the studio's deep experience in healthcare, worked to create what Discovery has called "a dashboard for your body". The revolutionary software gives people insight into their own body chemistry, helping them improve their health and overall athletic performance. This month, InsideTracker was recognized for its ground breaking analytics, as a finalist in the MITX Innovation awards in the Best Wellness Innovation category.

The InsideTracker experience begins with the user selecting health and athletic performance goals and then measuring up to 20 biomarkers — such as glucose, total cholesterol, vitamin d, potassium, sodium, and zinc — via a blood test. Next, the results and recommendations are beautifully visualized, enabling the user to discover both current readings and optimal levels for each biomarker.

Inside Tracker Bloodwork Analysis

InsideTracker provides beautiful visualizations of blood analytics data.

InsideTracker enables the user to learn the effect of each biomarker on their health as well as obtain detailed, scientifically-backed advice on how to improve their health and performance. Once the user learns which foods can impact which biomarkers, the person can discover new foods to incorporate into their diet and receive a nutritionally balanced plan for a day's worth of calories with each menu calculated to optimize their biomarker levels.

Inside Tracker Food Recommendations

Inside Tracker gives scientifically-backed advice on new foods users can incorporate into their diets.

Whether you're a health-conscious user who wants deeper analytics into your biomarkers and food consumption, or an Olympian who wants to achieve maximum performance, InsideTracker provides the platform.

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