Cyborgs, Migration Infovis, Face Tracking: Friday Links & Roundup

by Emily Twaddell

For your Friday surfing pleasure:



It’s a short leap from the Quantified Self to the cyborg life—Dirk Knemeyer is featured on Boston Business Journal’s Tech Flash




Designer/Engineer Ben Salinas shared some clever birthplace-data vis—This is a pretty neat look at migrations between states in the US since 1900. The technique does a really nice job telling a high-level story of the data. I wish there was a smaller version of each of these so I could look at all 50 states at the same time to identify trends. They also put together this visualization, which tells me a little bit less of the story but is interesting nonetheless.



Designer Sein WooI smell coolness! Real time face tracking and projection mapping...amazing!



Along with the hits, there is the occasional missWireless security video camera with a battery that lasts a year. Seems really great until you realize that their definition of standard usage is about 6 hours of recording during that year.

And don’t miss this week’s highlights:

Episode 65 of The Digital Life, Data Crunching the World Cup launches a new weekly format, with founder Dirk Knemeyers return to the co-host chair. Get the back story behind the data rich information visualization and Dirks long form feature article, “The 10 Best Nations in World Cup History: 77 Teams Over 84 Years.” 

In A Whole Lot of Pork, Dirk Knemeyer calls out some problems with CNNs data visualization and provides a detailed set of improvements.

Get a quick look at how Involution team members are guiding our interns in Monday’s Around the Studio: Mentoring.


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