The Digital Life: Data Crunching the World Cup

by Jon Follett


Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we launch our new weekly format, with founder Dirk Knemeyer's return to the co-host chair.

We also take a little journey into the back story behind the data rich information visualization and Dirk's long form feature article, "The 10 Best Nations in World Cup History: 77 Teams Over 84 Years". The product of 200 hours of research into the World Cup soccer data, this is a comprehensive view of one of the most important sporting tournaments in the world.

Analyzing the history of the World Cup in order to propose the best teams in the tournament’s history was a major research project. In order to make sense of this 84 years of history, Dirk looked at it both quantitatively and qualitatively. From this work came two deliverables:

First, a rating graph that shows the ratings assigned to teams’ performance and provides you with various tools for not just looking at the data but experiencing the almost century of story undulating underneath.

Second are 10 essays on the nations chosen as the World Cup’s best-ever. They provide a high-level journey through the entirety of that nation’s World Cup history, including that nation’s aggregate statistics and choices for the “Starting XI” for each nation.

Enjoy the discussion about data crunching the World Cup. And stay tuned to The Digital Life's new weekly podcast on digital design, user experience, innovation, and data obsession. 

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