Around the Studio: Mentoring

by Emily Twaddell

Telemachus and Mentor

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the tutor of Telemachus, son of his friend Odysseus.  At one point in the story, the goddess Athena disguises herself as Mentor and advises Telemachus to go out into the world and discover his father’s fate.

Interns here at Involution Studios are on a kind of odyssey themselves—with only a year or two of college, along with the occasional grad student, they walk into our grand but funky space full of … well, we’re not always sure, but there is usually some level of trepidation. Day 1 might seem oddly quiet with its minimal paperwork, log-ins, and wiki exploration. Day 2 usually brings a real project (or two), maybe something along the lines of an intern’s portfolio plus a client deliverable. A deliverable that might involve sketches and comps and coding (oh, my!)

Before an intern disappears below the surface, Invo’ites are sure to toss a life-ring. It’s not a sink-or-swim environment here. Everyone has the opportunity—and the responsibility—to mentor. We don’t wait for people to send up flares, either. Teaching and learning together are integral to our design process.

Here's a quick look—stay tuned for more about what these interns did with their new knowledge!


Designer/Engineer Ben Salines teaches Amy Loomis how to program an Arduino using C.



Designer/Engineer Adam Pere gives Noah Baker a crash course in coding for Google Glass.



Noah Baker walks through a design review with Creative Director Juhan Sonin.

To learn about or apply for an internship at Involution Studios, visit Careers.

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