MIT 2.009 Product Engineering Processes Prototype Launch Event

by Jon Follett

2.009 Product Engineering Processes Prototype Launch Event
December 10, 2012
7:30 - 10:00 PM
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kresge Auditorium
Cambridge, MA

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Internships and Apprenticeships at Involution

by Jon Follett

At Involution Studios Boston, we've been lucky enough to design crazy, brain-bending, exciting software that changes the way humans work and play. Since 2004, we've been creating software for some of the biggest and best companies, not to mention over 100 different start-ups in various industries. Our alumni have worked for companies like Apple, Facebook, Adobe and IDEO. And we're fortunate to work on important, complex problems in practice areas like healthcare, security, information technology, and engineering.

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On Talent, War, and Devastation

by Jon Follett

Ever since the U.S. started on its long road to recovery from the Great Recession and tech companies began expanding the ranks of their employees again, there's been a dearth of talent to choose from, especially those most important senior level team members in engineering and user experience. This lack of readily available personnel has driven not only an increase in salaries, signing bonuses, and perks, but also a variety of unorthodox recruitment strategies, not the least of which is acquiring small companies for their talent, not necessarily their technology. Facebook, for example, has executed some high profile acquisitions to bring top notch designers into the fold, buying both software design shop Sofa and product firm Push Pop Press.

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