MIT 2.009 Product Engineering Processes Prototype Launch Event

by Jon Follett

2.009 Product Engineering Processes Prototype Launch Event
December 10, 2012
7:30 - 10:00 PM
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kresge Auditorium
Cambridge, MA

On Monday, December 10, 2012, MIT's 2.009 Product Engineering Processes class will launch eight new product prototypes focused on the theme, "Outdoors". Product teams will demo prototypes to a broad audience made up of students, instructors, and industry representatives, who are in turn invited to review the products and provide feedback. At the reception that follows, attendees are also encouraged to try out the products at team booths. Involution's Creative Director, Juhan Sonin is one of the Product Engineering Processes instructors, reflecting the studio's ongoing commitment to furthering design and engineering education and mentorship.

In 2.009, students experience firsthand the process of developing new products, learning strategies and methods for successful design innovation. Working in large teams of up to 19 members, students design and build working alpha prototypes. As a part of the process, the teams identify significant product opportunities and then design solutions through the construction of high-quality models — from sketches to prototypes. Most importantly, students develop an appreciation for the significant societal contributions that are made possible through technological innovation.

The theme for this year's products, "Outdoors", covers a wide variety of environments — from urban settings to the wilderness — and includes industry categories as varied as transportation, outdoor living, sports, the environment, and agriculture. Target customers for the products may include people living in developed or developing countries; and business models may range from products distributed on a non-profit basis to highly profitable mass-produced goods.

The 2.009 lab instructors are David Wallace, Danny Braunstein, Matt Duplessie, Tony Hu, Sangbae Kim, David Meeker, Peter Nielsen, Warren Seering, Juhan Sonin, Richard Wiesman, and Amos Winter.

Topics: Design, product design, News, Events, protoype, engineering