Involution Studios leads design of recently launched Affinnova Concept Studio

by Jon Follett

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LONDON, England - February 8, 2012 - Marketing innovation software leader, Affinnova Inc., launched Concept Studio, a Web-based application for collaboratively developing new product concepts and designs, at the Online Research Methods conference in London. The software facilitates product innovation by allowing marketing teams to assemble numerous variations on a potential concept. By enabling the exploration of a wide spectrum of ideas, Concept Studio can help users discover genuine breakthroughs that might have otherwise been overlooked. Early adopters of the Concept Studio software include dietary service Nutrisystem, which used the software to help identify product messaging across key demographics.

"Concept Studio is likely to transform our business in fundamental ways," said Steve Lamoureux, Chief Innovation Officer of Affinnova.

Concept Studio seamlessly integrates with Affinnova's optimization platform, IDDEA, that applies the practice of natural selection, as evidenced in biological evolution, to a process of rapidly innovating products and services. IDDEA enables marketing teams to get consumer feedback to a variety of concepts, winnowing out the lesser ones to find the most competitive, top ideas.

“Affinnova's Concept Studio is a complex application, exactly the type of project we really excel at,” said Juhan Sonin, Creative Director of Involution. "Beginning with our product architecture process, which brought together our design team and Affinnova’s product team, we refined the vision for Concept Studio. The subsequent design process resulted in an elegant, well-crafted application that fully manifested Affinnova’s hopes for its potential."

Involution not only helped build an initial prototype, but helped iterate on all the various ideas to get the right UI design. Prototypes were very successful with customers and the market. In the end, the completed Concept Studio hit every design requirement Involution insists on: useful, usable and appropriately beautiful. The finished application combines the desirability of well-crafted desktop software with the richness and power of a collaborative, Web distributed application.

Visit the Affinnova Web site for more information on Affinnova and Concept Studio.

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