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Workshop Review: Building a Hardware Startup

by Eric Benoit

I recently attended a two-day Hardware Workshop offered by Bolt, a Boston-based VC fund. A dozen sessions gave hardware entrepreneurs exposure to practical tips for building a successful hardware startup.

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Laying the foundation to the Internet of Things: Getting data out of your Arduino

by Eric Benoit

Many of us here at Invo have been using the Arduino quite a bit. From making claws for costumes to retail environment behavior to coffee electronics – it is incredible what you can do with these microcontrollers. However, there still is not a straightforward way of getting data out of your Arduino, onto the internet and accessible via a web app.

The personal project I've been working on has been tracking physical activity not covered by pedometers (vague, I know) and then having a web app to display that historical data. Coming from a design background with a light technical bend (some C++ and ActionScript) I am in familiar territory... but its been a while.

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Point n' click, bon voyage!

by Eric Benoit

I recently returned from a 2 week vacation and my source of digital consumption was with my iPhone or iPad. So for 2 weeks I was only using a touchscreen - and digging it.

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