Point n' click, bon voyage!

by Eric Benoit

I recently returned from a 2 week vacation and my source of digital consumption was with my iPhone or iPad. So for 2 weeks I was only using a touchscreen - and digging it.

Once I settled in back home I booted up the desktop, waited for the dock to load and then grabbed my mouse. With my first push forward of moving the cursor I instantly felt like I was using an ancient device.

For me, I want my monitor to be my canvas. I want to feel a connection with what I'm doing. The waving of a mouse with my interactions being projected a foot away onto a monitor is artificial – I'm not looking for artificial. When you grab a pen and paper and start drawing, you feel every stroke of the pen - you are intimately involved. What you touch IS what you create.

All these steps Apple is taking to change the way we interact with computers (iPhone, iPad, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad) are gradual steps that will kill point n' click.

We are in a transition period and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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