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Grove Journal: Installation

by Craig McGinley

We love to eat here at the studio. There is a full size kitchen where we routinely cook meals for each other; everyone sits down together at our long table to share food and conversation. One of our Care Cards encourages us to “Eat more food. Not too much, mostly plants.” In that spirit, we try to keep our meals healthy and full of fresh vegetables. Thus, it made a lot of sense for us to become an early adopter of the Grove Labs home ecosystem, called a “Grove.”

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Topics: culture, healthy food, grove

How We Built Disrupt!

by Craig McGinley

Author’s note: This blog post is inspired by the 1924 novel “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin. A dystopian tale set in an undated future, “We” unfolds through the protagonist’s journal. In our story the narrator uses a gender neutral pronoun set, “ze/zir/zem,” and dates are expressed in binary form. You may find this usage and satirical approach a little disruptive to your reading flow at first, but the story of disruption is what we’re all about today.

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Topics: Design, disruptive technologies, emerging technologies