VR Motion, OS Farms, Memories, and Lego: Friday Links and Round-up

by Emily Twaddell

Here is some end-of-summer fun before most of us have to ramp up for back-to-school, the Q4 push, harvesting the wheat, or whatever else September brings you.



From Invo intern Clément Prod'homme: You remember Leap Motion? You should wonder what happens when you put it on a VR headset… (We recommend Sea Bands if you get motion sickness easily.)


Speaking of harvesting crops, summer savant Noel Forté clued us in to a neat project just down the street at MIT: Open Source Farming.


Ever wish you had a photographic memory? Now you can wear one: the Narrative Clip. While we can think of some slightly creepy sci-fi possibilities, imagine how it could be used in a hospital, for education, or while traveling the world. (Thanks, Juhan.)


Designer Eric Benoit sent this lovely Lego calendar method—we wish it was actually on the market! What a beautiful way to keep track of projects and resources.

And don’t miss this week’s highlights:

Be sure to catch Episode 66 of The Digital Life, Critiquing InvoVis, Exploring Behavior Change in UX, and Celebrating BIF10. Dirk and Jon critique CNN's sad information visualization, dig into design for behavior change as a new frontier for UX, and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Business Innovation Factory Conference. (Dirk also explains his thinking regarding the eventuality of humans turning into cyborgs.)

On Tuesday we kicked off a four-part series on how to hire a design team with The Right Way to Hire a Design Studio: Skip the RFP. Think of the writing time it could save you!

And if you haven't already seen it go right now to Monday’s Around the Studio: Invo 2014 Summer Interns, Part 1 for some first-hand accounts of intern life here along with some amazing pictures of the work they do. It could make you want to quit your day job! We have had five interns this summer so you will be seeing more in this series over the next few weeks.

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