by Jon Follett

January 27-31, 2013
Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, Canada

Interaction13, the annual conference of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) will feature three speakers from Involution Studios: (above from left to right) Juhan Sonin, Erik Dahl, and Scott Sullivan.

Building Emotional IQ with Laban Movement Analysis
Director of Design Strategy, Erik Dahl and UX Designer Scott Sullivan will be conducting a process workshop on "Building Emotional IQ with Laban Movement Analysis". Designing for emotions has gained popularity recently, and we have many tools to identify and define the desired end-states and emotions of the users of our products, services and systems. However, there is still a gap between being able to identify desired emotions and constructing the appropriate mechanisms to elicit these emotions. Just as a beginning artist learning how to draw a face, draws the concept of eyes, ears, and noses and not actually what they see in front of them, we believe that many designers learning how to design for emotion are constructing solutions based on the concepts of emotions and not “seeing” the emotion with an artist’s eye.

This workshop is a beginner’s course in unlearning our conceptual constructs of emotion and experiencing emotional states in their raw physical form. It’s a highly experiential exploration of physical movement within a structured framework based on Laban Movement Analysis to illuminate the connections between physicality and emotion. By better understanding the raw materiality of emotion, we can craft better emotional interactions. Throughout the Laban exercises, we will discuss how what they are experiencing translates to UI design decisions and to tactical aspects of designing for emotion. In addition, we’ll cover the parallel processes of design and the development of the frameworks in a design process. The goal of this workshop is to expose students to an emotional framework through hands on activities. Students will uplevel their emotional IQ and will tackle their next design project from a different perspective.

Hacking Health: Design for and Understanding My Health
Involution Studios Creative Director, Juhan Sonin will speak on the topic of "Hacking Health: Design for and Understanding My Health". Mobile computing technologies promise to revolutionize the relationship that people have with their health. Immediate access to, sharing of, and aggregation and analysis of data will put the power of our well being quite literally in the palm of our hand. However, we face the same risks that have plagued personal computing: technology has moved more quickly than people’s ability to design successfully for it, threatening to produce a generation of apps that are ineffectual and actually slow adoption of mobile health platforms.

In Hacking Health, design provocateur Juhan Sonin will fire up the audience’s brain cells and sense of humor, illustrating failed methods, clarifying best practices, and showing in one application after another how you too can design exceptional mobile health experiences. When confronted with a shockingly high number during a routine cholesterol check at work, Sonin realized that he knew nothing about his own health metrics. The experience led him to develop a service called HealthCard and hGraph to address the questions, “How do I become an informed and empowered patient?” and “How do I [as a patient, nurse, doctor, or proxy] make quicker, more accurate decisions?” This presentation traces the evolution of the author's health design experience covering open source solutions to interoperability and policy to the design of health stations and corporate clinic experiences.

Interaction13 will be held January 27-31, 2013 in Toronto, Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Interaction13 is the 6th IxDA conference and marks the 10 year anniversary of the group.

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