Health Datapalooza Conference

by Jon Follett
Health Datapalooza

Health Datapalooza Conference
June 3-4, 2013
OMNI Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC

Health Datapalooza IV, the annual conference and competition that highlights the most innovative uses of health data by companies and government entities, will feature hGraph, designed and developed by Involution. hGraph is an open source health metrics visualization with the potential to significantly improve patient care.

hGraph qualified for the National Health Datapalooza by placing second in the New England Health Datapalooza held last fall. All Datapalooza entries used federal government data and were judged on creativity, innovation, originality, patient empowerment, engagement, usefulness to the public, and scalability.

As the transformation from paper to electronic records takes place, hGraph provides an open source software visualization tool to health care providers and patients that enables decision-grade analysis. Like most information heavy fields, healthcare is fraught with the problems caused by too much data, with no easy way to sort it all. People need to be able to actively use and benefit from the healthcare data collected about them, while avoiding information overload. In order to gain insight into the complex, multi-dimensional data sets that represent health metrics, healthcare data requires visual representations that are engaging, optimized for use by both the health care provider and the patient, and support high-level pattern recognition and analysis as well as the ability to see deeper details.

Topics: Design, Healthcare, health, electronic health records, Events, UX, ui