Catching up: from Apple Watch to Health Literacy

by Emily Twaddell

With our favorite Friday doughnuts, Sarah Kaiser made us dream of warm summer days.


Meanwhile we have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get to it: Highlights from these past two weeks.

Invo Calendar of Events: Design, Emerging Tech, UX, and Health lists all of our upcoming speaking engagements, conferences, and webcasts this spring.

The Digital Life: Apple Watch Fever aired on Wednesday, giving Dirk and Jon a chance to share their thoughts on Apple’s latest anouncements.

Last week, The Digital Life: Designing Bio-Inspired Technology looked at the evolution of the designer as technologist and engineer in conjunction with the ever expanding importance of bio-inspired technologies.

Are You Health Literate? gives an overview of concepts and concerns around health literacy, one of healthcare’s critical topics today.

Finally, Workshop Review: Building a Hardware Startup shares Eric Benoit’s take-aways from a two-day hardware workshop he recently attended in Boston. Great food for thought.

Topics: apple, Health Datapalooza, user experience