Democracy Updated, Group Think, and Animalia: Friday Links and Round-Up

by Emily Twaddell

The week’s highlights first:

We are breaking with our usual links-first format to introduce the latest goinvo feature story, Redesign Democracy: A Better Solution for the Digital Era. Allow yourself a good block of time to explore and enjoy this well-researched and beautifully crafted article. Available in its interactive form, downloadable pdf or e-book, and also as an audio file, it is well worth your time and sharing with others.

Concurrent with the Feature launch, this week's podcast, Episode 69 of The Digital Life offers a lively discourse on Dirk Knemeyer’s vision to redesign democracy into a system more appropriate for the realities of 2014 while moving closer to its philosophical origins.

On Wednesday we offered the final installment in the “Right Way to Hire a Design Studio” series, Review the Relationship. Take notes: it offers a number of excellent tips for maintaining an effective partnership throughout a project. 

Monday’s Around the Studio gave a quick look at how Involution designers sometimes organize their thoughts early in a project. Suffice it to say we go through a quantity of sticky notes and eraseable markers here!

And in other news...


Check out Gamestorming a toolkit, blog, and wiki that has lots of good techniques for idea generation with a group of people. 


We are pretty excited about the work of Sangbae Kim and his robot cheetah!


And it might be fun to introduce the cheetah to the new bird in town, which could prove useful to both the avaiation and waste-management industries.

Happy Friday!


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