Around the Studio: How we take our vitamins

by Emily Twaddell

As I entered the studio kitchen yesterday with my usual load of supplies, I was greeted by the sweet voice of one of our favorite studio "smalls," Juhan's son Viggo. He and his dad were preparing to juice a huge pile of fresh fruits and veggies.

The juicer, a gift to the studio from Invo alum Reshma Mehta, has been a source of healthy inspiration after the rigors of winter. We always keep fresh fruit around, of course, but vegetables seem like more work to prepare, somehow. Juicing makes it fun and creative, even when experiments sometimes turn out to be less than exquisite.

With Juhan as sous-chef, Viggo manned the machine. Together they produced a half-gallon of delicious green goodness! Take a look.

Juicing at Invo from Emily Twaddell on Vimeo. Music: Wonder Wheel by Dan Zanes.


Topics: studio culture, healthy food