Writing Marvin and the Moths

by Jon Follett

Episode Summary

This week on The Digital Life we discuss Jon Follett's new book, "Marvin and the Moths", a science fiction novel for young readers that takes a humorous look at life for middle school in a zany world impacted by emerging technologies. While "Marvin and the Moths" is Jon's first science fiction release, he has already authored a variety of other published works. Among them is “Designing for Emerging Technologies” for O’Reilly Media, published in 2014. Looking across a variety of emerging technologies and industries, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and synthetic biology, Jon outlined an audacious vision for how the technology of recent science fiction will manifest as the science fact of our near future. Jon used his background in emerging technology as fodder for this new work of fiction, and science plays an important role in "Marvin and the Moths" which was published by Scholastic in September.

Marvin and the Moths


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