UX Axioms: Lesson Learned and Observations

by Jon Follett
Summit Up

SummitUp 2013
October 15, 2013

Sinclair Conference Center
444 West Third St., Building 12
Dayton, OH 45402

The SummitUp conference is dedicated to exploring the integration of creativity, communication, and technology. The event features exceptional speakers and the opportunity to meet with some of the brightest, most influential minds in modern business.

Erik Dahl, Director of Design Strategy at Involution Studios, will be presenting, “UX Axioms: Lesson Learned and Observations”. In his talk, Erik will unwind some of the confusion and ambiguity around User Experience theory and practice and bring us back to the point: making great products. This talk outlines a set of UX Axioms designers and developers alike can use to integrate UX into their practice. Erik won't espouse specific dogmas or processes, but will share hard-won lessons learned and observations from practicing UX in the real world for more than a decade. Understanding and applying UX Axioms will allow you to adapt to the situation at hand and build products that resonate with people.

Erik is an experience designer, interaction designer, information architect, design strategist, anthropologist, philosopher, semiotician, and bricoleur. He is Director of Design Strategy at Involution Studios, founder of the MidwestUX Conference, and leader of the IxDA chapter in Columbus.

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