Stir Trek

by Jon Follett
Stir Trek

Stir Trek
May 17, 2013
Marcus Crosswoods Theater
200 Hutchinson Avenue
Columbus, OH 43235

This year Stir Trek is proud to welcome Involution Studios' Director of Design Strategy, Erik Dahl, and UX Designer, Scott Sullivan to its one-day conference, which is focused on teaching software developers the latest in technologies, techniques, and tools. Erik Dahl will be speaking about hard-won lessons for understanding and applying UX Axioms that can create amazing user experiences. Scott Sullivan will be detailing the basic principles of using the Arduino and sensors to get data from the physical world, complete with live demonstrations. To top off all the great talks at Stir Trek, this year the conference will conclude with the private screening of a two much anticipated, blockbuster films on their opening day — Star Trek into Darkness and Iron Man 3.

UX Axioms
Erik Dahl / 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
User Experience (UX) theory and practice can be confusing for the uninitiated. This talk outlines a set of UX Axioms designers and developers alike can use to integrate UX into their practice. Erik isn’t espousing a specific dogma like LeanUX or AgileUX. He’ll be sharing hard-won lessons learned from practicing UX in the real world for the past 10 years. Building real products involves an ongoing series of design compromises. There is no ideal process or magic bullet for integrating UX or creating amazing user experiences. However, understanding and applying UX Axioms will allow you to adapt to the situation at hand and build products that resonate with and delight your end-users.

Physical Computing Product Development with Arduino
Scott Sullivan / 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Ever want to make your code talk with the real world? With the Arduino and the Processing language (Java on training wheels), doing this is actually pretty simple. In this session, we'll walk step-by-step through a real-life client project involving hardware prototyping and development with Arduino, making these devices talk wirelessly, and displaying physical data in a custom graphical interface. This presentation will cover the basic principles of using the Arduino and sensors to get data from the physical world (with live demonstrations), and then how to make sense of that data with simple visualizations using Processing. With this knowledge you can build an army of super robots that can take over the world.

Topics: Design, arduino, Events, UX, ux axioms