Software Interface Design: Process and Principles

by Jon Follett
General Assembly

Software Interface Design: Process and Principles
October 7, 2013
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

General Assembly Boston
101 Main Street, 14th floor
Cambridge , MA 02142

Join Involution Studios' user interface designer / engineer, Reshma Mehta as she covers the process of designing complex software systems, using real world projects as case studies.

Starting with research and discovery to product blueprinting, the process turns non-linear as we enter the interface design phase that entails building mental models, sketching and creating pixel perfect mock-ups. Throughout, designs are continuously validated through rapid prototyping, feedback and progressive learning.

The class will cover:
• Concept and techniques for principal steps in the design process
• Importance of research and discovery – building context and understanding scenarios
• What it takes to get to a production worthy design
• Principles of good software interface design

This class is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the software design process but may be of particular interest to:
• Product Managers
• Software Engineers or Software Developers
• Junior User Interface and User Experience Designers
• Product Leads (Owners) at startups or mid-sized companies

Topics: Design, process, user interface, Events, software, UX, ui