OSCON '14 Sneak Peek: Involution Interview on Opensource.com

by Emily Twaddell

Are you heading to OSCON 2014 next week? Even if you're not, keeping current with open source thinking is a good idea.

Jen Wike, tech writer and content manager for Opensource.com caught up with Juhan Sonin, Involution Studios Creative Director, to ask him a few questions about his upcoming talk next week at OSCON in Portland, OR. Sonin explains that, for Involution Studios, open source principles are not just about product design. Rather, he says that "radical transparency" is a core belief for the entire studio, from shared knowledge of the company's financials and collaborative learning and decision making to a strong sense of individual responsibility and personal integrity among the staff and extending to clients. This philosophy underlies Involution's approach to open source design:

"Our open design mission is that our designs (patterns, code, scripts, graphics, ideas, documents) will be available to any designer, to any engineer, to any world citizen, to use and modify without restriction."

Sonin goes on to describe how using the CCv3 Attribution license on designs, photos, and documents to share ideas freely has actually brought more business to the studio. Creating, developing, and licensing Involution's work for the public turns out to be a solid business practice, not just a retro-hippie-sounding core value.

Read the full interview and we hope to see you in Portland next week!

About Involution Studios
Involution designs and builds exceptional software for innovative and visionary companies. We deploy small and experienced teams to create applications that are highly usable and appropriately beautiful. Our client list includes Apple, AstraZeneca, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, Shutterfly, and Yahoo. For more information please contact info@goinvo.com or +1 617 803 7043.


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