Involution Client GeneInsight Leads Genetic Testing Revolution

by Jon Follett

The way in which patients and doctors make healthcare decisions — from choosing therapies to evaluating possible side-effects — is changing rapidly based on newly available genetic testing and analysis. Involution client GeneInsight, a subsidiary of Partners HealthCare is on the forefront of this revolution in personalized medicine.

Last week, Partners HealthCare was featured in a Boston Globe article detailing its ground-breaking technology in whole genome sequencing. The innovative work in this space is being done by Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine (PCPGM), which is dedicated to making people’s lives healthier and better by transforming the practice of medicine through increased personalization — based on the accelerated integration of genetic knowledge into clinical care.


GeneInsight Suite is an IT platform developed at Partners HealthCare, which streamlines the interpretation and management of vast amounts of genetic data.

The GeneInsight application, which provides the underpinnings of the Partners genomics software suite, assists users in drafting patient-specific, molecular diagnostic test reports for geneticist review. From the software’s extensive knowledge database structure, reports are created based on a set of highly flexible, user-defined templates.

Partners HealthCare selected Involution Studios to envision and design the user interface and information display of the GeneInsight Lab software, improving the usability, interaction, and visual appeal of the GeneInsight Lab UI. The company was looking for a partner to help crystallize and design the software that serves as a key component to realizing its ambitious vision.

The Involution team is committed to design for the health and healthcare space, and has a long and significant track record of creating software for assisting clinicians, administrators, and patients. Involution has had the privilege of working with organizations as far-reaching as AstraZeneca; CodeRyte, a division of 3M Health; and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Working with organizations focused on healthcare gave Involution the right experiences to help Partners realize its vision for the GeneInsight UI and develop the software into an innovative, engaging, and highly usable tool for customers.

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