Invo Design Featured in FastCompany Co.Exist

by Emily Twaddell

Designer Eric Benoit crafted the interface for genetic screening results with input from Juhan Sonin, Adam Pere, and Emily Twaddell.

FastCompany's Co.Exist column today posted Searching For The Hidden Health Heroes Whose DNA Prevents Disease describing an exciting genetic study—for which Involution Studios designed the report interface.

Led by researchers at Sage Bionetworks and New York's Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, The Resilience Project will be looking for the tiny minority of people who, though they have rare genetic changes that would typically cause serious illness in childhood, don't manifest any signs of the disease as adults. The project aims to collect DNA from 1 million healthy adults in the next few years in hopes of discovering what might protect these individuals from the genetic mutations they carry.

Involution designers Eric Benoit, Juhan Sonin, Adam Pere, and Emily Twaddell worked closely with project Principal Investigator Eric Schadt and Co-Investigator Elissa Levin to understand the nature of the project and, in particular, the needs of those who will volunteer to donate their data for research. Involution's prior work with the Personal Genome Project provided the experience and insight to design an interface that personalizes the donor's experience while informing them of their screening results and potential impact on the project's success.

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