API testing, UX innovation, and more: Friday Links and Round-Up

by Emily Twaddell

While you wait for Trick-or-Treaters to ring the bell, here are some sites to explore.

Designer Eric Benoit attended Future Insights Ultimate Developer Event in Boston and shared a couple of finds.


The spice company McCormick offers a platform called FlavorPrint that builds you a “Personal Flavor Profile” to enhance your cooking and dining experience.



Runscope is a tool for testing and monitoring APIs. You can also use it to compare API versions.



This just arrived in my Inbox and delighted my Maker self in a big way, even if I never need to make big red TEDx letters. Now I want to learn about CNC machining.



Fast Company’s article on “experience innovation” makes our UX/UI selves happy, too.

And from this week:

Our latest offering to help address the problem of preparing to handle Ebola infection is now available: Ebola Care Guideline—An Illustrated Process on Personal Care Equipment.

According to the United Nations Statistics Division, in 2015–2016, China will surpass the United States as the largest consumer market in the world. Be sure to catch The Digital Life: Digital and UX News - What a Rising China Means for Product Design.

Part 5 in our Emerging Technologies series, The Future of Design: UX Evolution focuses on the future of experience design.

The entire studio attended Pop!Tech in Camden, Maine last week. Read Juhan Sonin’s impressions in Around the Studio: PopTech 2014 Rebel Lion Reaction.

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