Consumer Genetics Conference

by Danielle Monroe
Consumer Genetics Conference

Fifth Annual Consumer Genetics Conference
September 25-27, 2013
Seaport Hotel
Boston, MA

Juhan Sonin will be a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Consumer Genetics Conference, being held in Boston. In his presentation "Design is Medicine," Juhan will take a look at the design, data and policy challenges of tackling the healthcare problem, as well as the scary new ideas being invented to solve it.

Disorganized healthcare is deadly. The system needs to be redesigned and re-imagined. True change comes from establishing a vision for healthcare that will modernize how doctors and patients interact with their health data. "Design is Medicine" will show how linear-thinking human beings can interpret non-linear, unbalanced health metrics, and how healthcare can be saved through coordination, presentation and design.

The Consumer Genetics Conference (CGC) is a one-of-a-kind event that draws together a dynamic community of scientists, clinicians, technology innovators and patients to discuss the burning issues around the analysis and delivery of genomics results directly to patients and consumers. CGC provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together at one venue, share viewpoints and engage in an honest dialogue, and together learn how to move the elephant of change. Agenda details are currently available and registration is open.


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