Check out our fresh Boston digs!

by Dirk Knemeyer

Involution Studios Boston is located in Arlington, MA on Mass. Ave., in what was formerly the city's grand ballroom. When we took it over in late 2008 it was a pilates studio with wild green-and-blue paint and fixtures, along with mirrors lining the walls. To the discerning eye it was all potential.

Here is the evolution of our space over the last two years. It has culminated in a studio that is approaching creative director Juhan Sonin's exacting definition of perfection:

The pilates studio we decided to lease. The former grandeur of the space was barely apparent. Special thanks to Abby Kirigin for finding the studio (which was right above her former TipJoy office).

Juhan, with a recently ruptured and surgically repaired bicep tendon, led the initial demolition and redesign

Comfy chairs and stylish architectural furniture added cool and sophistication

During our first two years the studio looked a lot better but wasn't yet a modern-day Xanadu

The studio added a conference room, seen here with unadulterated walls which are often covered with drawings

The color-coded library not only looks lovely but actually helps the staff find books faster (yeah, right)

The recent redesign (with interior design advice from Sarah Krieger) focused on lighting, paint, and adjusting the room symmetry by adding a few walls

Juhan splurged on a lust-enducing sideboard... round out his personal palace (photo by See-ming Lee)

The studio combines the best of the new and the old to make a relaxing and collaborative work environment

Furry friends are always welcome (seen here is Duke, the beautiful great dane puppy owned by Mike Kivikoski)

Sometimes the space cries out for playtime

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