Best Practices in Hiring a Digital Studio

by Emily Twaddell

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We're more than three decades into the digital age, and yet companies still have difficulty finding the right fit when it comes to design providers. Why should that be the case? In these four blog posts, Dirk Knemeyer shares a fresh perspective and practical tips to help you establish the best possible client / consultant relationship.

Skip the RFP


Leave the RFP behind and try something new to narrow down your choices and get the perfect-fit design agency—in a way that motivates, empowers, and encourages them to perform at their absolute best.

Start With a Test Project


Replace the pain and frustration of the hurry-up-and-wait syndrome with a timely but systematic approach to ensure your big bet is on the right partner—start with a small “lust-to-dust” project together.

Culture is Key


A relationship that features agency-client compatibility, along with a healthy shared culture where the two intersect, is a more important vector than you might first think in choosing an agency partner.

Review the Relationship


Strong partnerships require nurturing. You may already do progress reviews with an agency—but do you talk with your team about the agency? Or have the agency team give a tech talk? Learn how to build a relationship that adds value for your team while challenging the agency to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Wait! There’s more!

While immersing yourself in the topic, be sure to catch the Digital Life podcast in which Dirk and Jon share more ideas on finding the right digital agency fit for your company.

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