This week's theme is Games and Learning.

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Links to topics mentioned in this podcast:

Opening Segment
Involution Studios Boston
Rhode Island School of Design
Harmonix Music Systems

It's News to Me
Windows Phone 7 Debuts
Google Tests Cars That Drive Themselves
Google Invests in Silly Shweeb
Marissa Mayer Goes Local
Apple Shares Top $300
Facebook Shares Split 5-to-1
Facebook + Bing Partner on Social Search
Rumours of an AOL-Yahoo Merger
Web 2.0 Points of Control Map
Medal of Honor Video Game Released
The Social Network a Commercial, Critical Success

Bull Session - Games and Learning
Bert Snow
Muzzy Lane Software
Making History
ClearLab Project
Middlebury College
Middlebury Interactive Languages

Dave Gray
Smart Things/Mike Kuniavsky
Nike Networked Running Community
Scrabble for iPad
Angry Birds
Plants vs. Zombies

Matthew Scrivner
Republic of Rome
Matt using Diplomacy in the classroom
Musical Chairs
Machiavelli/The Prince
Sun Tzu/The Art of War
Skinner Box
James Carse/Finite and Infinite Games
American Psycho
Battlestar Galactica Board Game
Dragon Age
Wii Remote Controller

Dirk Knemeyer
Jesse Schell
Jesse Schell/DICE 2010 Presentation
Tales of the Arabian Nights

Closing Segment
Richard Saul Wurman

Episode 2 Credits
Guest - Bert Snow
Guest - Dave Gray
Guest - Matthew Scrivner

Host & Director - Dirk Knemeyer
Co-Host & Producer - Jonathan Follett
Technical Support - Eric Benoit
Original Music - Ian Dorsch