Mobile and the Future of Computing. Special guests Jim Leftwich and Luke Wroblewski (LukeW). Bull Session and It's News to Me.

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Links to topics mentioned in this podcast:

Opening Segment
Design Vision print piece

It's News to Me
Google-Facebook imbroglio
Samsung a force in mobile computing
Dirk's 2005 article on data
New RockMelt browser debuts in private Beta
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge announced
23andMe raises $22MM in Series C financing
Metaflex wonder material announced
Microsoft Kinect hits the streets

Bull Session
Jim Leftwich
Vector Space Mathematics
Nokia's Ovi
Phoenix Biomedical
Long Tail
Embarcadero San Francisco
Gordon Fuller
The Social Network Movie
Aaron Sorkin
Augmented Reality
TomTom Navigator
Information Age
Situation Awareness
The Digital Life - InfoVis show
International Symposium on Electronic Arts
Kansas City Art Institute
Carnegie Mellon University School of Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
Scott Summit
Bespoke Prosthetics

Luke Wroblewski
DesignForMobile Conference
Scott Jenson
Luke's notes on Scott Jenson's talk
Where App
LukeW's Twitter feed
William Gibson
Pew Internet
Luke's preso Designing for Today's Web
Graphical User Interface
An Event Apart
Santa Cruz BLUR LT

Closing Segment
Subdermal implants

Episode 4 Credits
Guest - Jim Leftwich
Guest - Luke Wroblewski

Host & Director - Dirk Knemeyer
Co-Host & Producer - Jonathan Follett
Technical Support - Eric Benoit
Original Music - Ian Dorsch