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ARLINGTON, MA (U.S.) - February 7, 2010 - McAfee, Inc., the world's largest dedicated security technology company released their 2010 suite of consumer products today, designed from the ground-up by Involution Studios. PC Magazine is already enthusing over the new user interface, calling it "user-friendly," "pleasant," and "streamlined," giving it a 4 star rating and "within shouting distance" of their coveted Editor's Choice Award. This is an increase from the 2 1/2 star rating given to the previous version.

"McAfee came to us with the intent of completely overhauling their user interface," said Dirk Knemeyer, CEO of Involution Studios. "We got started at the very beginning of the process and worked closely with McAfee's product, engineering and user experience teams to radically change the design and engineering of their UI. It is incredible how far the Total Protection suite has come from the previous version. The product McAfee is releasing today reflects the power and impact an investment in redesigning the user interface can have. McAfee is calling it the 'easiest to use interface in McAfee history.' That is a testament to our team, and theirs."

McAfee brought Involution in to redesign and engineer the user interface. On the design side, McAfee needed to move online protection from what users viewed as an indecipherable annoyance into a highly coherent, clear, and usable experience. On the engineering side, the past product was built on older web and underlying technologies; with the redesign, Involution completely revamped the user interface engineering of the product suite.

"Involution was much more than our redesign partner," said Brian Trombley, McAfee's Director of Consumer Product Management. "They helped us rethink our product development process. They were as strong technically as they were with the design."

McAfee Total Protection is an industry-leading consumer security product. Installed on hundreds of millions of computers around the world it has been recognized with numerous industry honors, including from most of the leading critical sources in the industry.

About Involution Studios

Involution is a software services firm headquartered in Boston. We deploy small and experienced teams to create or redesign complex digital products. Our client list includes Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, McAfee, Shutterfly, PayPal, and Yahoo.

For more information please contact Dirk Knemeyer, or +1 408 387 3690.