In this blog feature, we highlight articles from the past, written by our Invo colleagues that have stood the harsh test of Internet time and still have something to say to us today.

Four years ago, I wrote two pieces on the advantages and disadvantages, the ups and downs, the quirks and peccadilloes, of working on virtual teams for online magazine "A List Apart". The first article, called "The Long Hallway", discussed the growing popularity of working in virtual teams and its importance as an organizational strategy, especially for businesses in tech-centered fields. The piece covered virtual team process, and tips, tricks, and skills for successfully working together when you're not physically in the same location. The second, "The Rules of Digital Engagement" dug deeper into virtual team collaboration, and how to deal with the stresses of running projects.

Today, working virtually is not just accepted as an option, it's becoming expected as component of working in tech. I will say that my perspective on this topic has changed somewhat over time. While I still appreciate all the aspects of working virtually, I see tremendous value in face-to-face meetings to both build teams and kick-off client meetings. In any case, the virtual team is here to stay, and there's no doubt that many of us will continue to work down the long hallway.